Keeping the Bob Ross Dream Alive: Happy Birthday Bob!

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In celebration of Bob Ross we have a special marathon stream of every Joy of Painting episode ever!

Visit us at on Thursday October 29th at 2pm EST!

Find a complete list of Certified Ross Instructors teaching all over the world here:

Thank you to the CRIs featured in this video!

John Fowler – Texas, USA
Joseph Kuzmiak – New York, USA
Sandra Hill – Virginia, USA
Vic Spellman – Texas, USA
Axel Laslo – Germany
Eilene Shellman – Alabama, USA
Amanda Burns – California, USA
Barbara Massacci – Germany
Carlos Nieves – Florida, USA
Casey Hartman – Oregon, USA
Christine Frcho – California, USA
Faye Fletcher – Georgia, USA
Nic Hankins – Florida, USA
Janette de Vries-Smith – British Columbia, Canada
Jayne Good – United Kingdom
Justin Hoyle – Pennsylvania, USA
Kristen Wecht – Maryland, USA
Mary Kenney – Ohio, USA
Dr. An Almquist, PHD – Washington D.C., USA
Nick Reynolds – Ohio, USA
Ottilie Scherer – Germany
Paul Ranson – United Kingdom
Sam Swick – West Virginia, USA
Jeremy Rogers – Georgia, USA
Stefan Horn – Germany
Steven Brooks – Florida, USA
Ted Simpson – Michigan, USA
Tracey Leigh Crozier – Alberta, Canada
Tracy Klausing – Alberta, Canada
Vandana Mehta – India
Janice Maetsch – Germany

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