BTS – Dynamite (Dance Tutorial)

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Learn the BTS – Dynamite dance choreography with Matt Steffanina!
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So good to be back making videos and tutorials again!! A lot has changed these past 6 months including our instagram which is now @DNCRacademy and even our youtube name might be changing to DNCR Academy soon so look out for that!!

If you’re wondering what DNCR Academy is, it’s our online Dance Academy with dance courses, a private group where we can give each other feedback, livestreams, Q&A’s and some of the coolest most supportive people I’ve ever met. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dance or maybe just feel alone when training and want to be part of our family check out

Having you guys in my life and talking to you in the community group has been so fun these past few months especially since I haven’t been able to teach and dance with my friends as much so thank you for that!

Also, speaking of dancing with friends, shout out to my bro’s @thewilliamsfam along with Vanesa, Cici, and Samantha for collab’n on this video with me, make sure you guys show them some love, I tagged them all in the video that I just put up on IG!

And once you guys learn this, make sure to tag @DNCRacademy in your posts so we can find them! Also if you made it to the end of this longggg text, I appreciate you and comment “I read the whole book” on this video lmao. I’ll be watching for your comments. Now stop reading and go kill the dance 🙌🏼

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