Best prank challenges|| DIY Funny hacks & tricks for prank wars with your friends

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Nothing like a good prank to lift the spirit! Especially if you’re pranking your loved ones; it’s a great way to have some fun together and maybe get back at one another for those annoying habits. If you’re not a very skilled prankster, I’m here to help you out. I have tons of ideas for pranks you can play on your friends and family.

First, I’ll show you how to make fake milk to create the illusion of a spill on your boyfriend’s laptop. That’s what he gets for being loud! Then, you’ll learn a very creative way of getting back at the person who’s always drinking your juice and leaving the empty carton in the fridge. They’ll never do it again, guaranteed! I’ll also show you a prank to scare the life out of someone with a levitating trick. Another hilarious way to prank someone is by putting a big plastic bug inside their lampshade. When they turn the light on, you’ll scare their socks off! And if that one doesn’t work, you can always draw a little (or not so little) spider on the toilet paper roll to do the trick. No one will want to mess with you ever again! 😉


0:01 — Gluing the bowl to the counter
0:55 — Spider on the toilet paper

1:37 — Spilled milk on laptop prank

2:34 — Huge insect on the lampshade

4:47 — Revenge for drinking the juice

7:56 — Levitating over the bed prank

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